Content formatting is the biggest single aspect of any web site, the site owner needs to publish all that is relevant to get his/her message across, but must be careful not to compromise the site with so much that it becomes unwieldy. As part of the design process you should of identified a content list for the site, the next stage is to popoulate each of these areas with a simple synopsis before going back to add detailed information where required.

So now you have a design for your site, it just needs to be put together with some content and published - production. This can be split into three stages as follows:

  1. Produce functional page templates based on the aproved design, this would include fully functional navigation, page headers and footers.
  2. Produce the overall site infrastructure, this would include all images, files and other elements, excluding any content.
  3. Produce formated content and build the final site

Depending on the complexity of the design, the first two parts should take 2-3 days to complete although there are exceptions to this for example if the navigation were to include sets of "flash" or other animation, or if the site required some specific programming to be produced.


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