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Having registered a domain name, the next stage is to point it at a server where the site(s) will physically live.

This server can then deal with all incoming requests as directed whether they be for web pages, delivery of e-mail or other files or services required.


By working as a reseller and web developer with a number of hosting companies, Kennetiq is able to offer a number of different hosting solutions to suit your needs and requirements.

These solutions range from web space on a shared server through to a dedicated server or servers with all the web space and bandwidth you could ever need. Multiple domains can be pointed at the same server and/or web space, however each domain needs setting up seperately.

Hosting a domain also entitles you to send and receive e-mail using that domain, (eg, info@yourdomain.com), e-mail can be handled in several different ways and scanned for Spam and viruses as follows:


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