Some web sites need to be colourful or graphically advanced while others may need to be simple and conservative. Whatever your site requirements, all sites need to have an element of professional design so that they look good and have a reasonable navigation structure. This structure will not only help your site visitors to find what they want as quick as possible, but will also make site updates that much easier to manage.

Costs for designing a site will vary depending on the complexity and amount of work involved, but will be based on a standard hourly rate and past experiences of developing similar sites.

A major consideration to a site design is how it fits in with other communication materials you produce - brochures, marketing materials, annual reports, letterheads, business cards etc. You don't want your web site (or any other material) to look disjointed or like an after thought, which is why in some cases it is worth taking a little extra time and creating a complete design identity that includes some or all of these elements.

For a web site, unless you have a particular design in mind, it would usually take 2-3 days to produce some concepts, review them and make updates resulting in a final site design. For just 1-2 days more this concept stage could also include a number of these other elements.

If you have your own design team or agency Kenntiq can easily work with them to help create your web site design, or can provide design resources with a proven track record of effective web sites and other marketing communications materials.

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